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H & S Consultants

We will not be beaten on Price, find a course cheaper, we will match any Nationally advertised price.

All prices quoted are all inclusive 

Health and Safety Consultants 

Our Aim

To help to keep your business compliant with current Health and Safety legislation.

We offer 

A service that includes both general  and fire risk assessments, a qualified and experienced Health & Safety Officer for your business on a freelance basis at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Why we are different .

Unlike other companies we don’t just supply all the paper work and then walk away leaving you with generic documents that really are not worth the paper they are written on. We sign all of your health and safety polices, risk assessments and documents, this shows your companies commitment to health and safety and gives you  access to a qualified and experienced adviser, on a pay as you need basis

What we do 

After the initial start up cost and depending on the size of your business (usually 1 to 5 days work ) your business appoints an in house safety representative “responsible person” who  will over see the day to day running and maintains the systems and paper work put in place , We would then only be required to visit  your business  3 monthly for 1-2 hours  ( in the first year )  (6 monthly in proceeding years ) and then annually ( for 1 to 3 days) to carry out an audit and review, resign all documentation and assist in the  implementation of any changes.

Cost to you

Following the initial meeting the more work you as a business are prepared to carry out then the less  we are required to get involved  and this  helps you keep costs down. If you don’t want us to get too involved and your business or staff just need some health and safety guidance then we can offer that service or we can be involved from the very beginning and start from the ground up. Its your choice and with prices starting  from just £250 + the cost of any staff training that is required

 Experience in Health and Safety:

Theory Knowledge : Nebosh qualified assessors

Practical Knowledge:   Working as a health & safety adviser within a youth organisation and having worked in the retail/ traffic management and construction industry and  a  Military environment over the last 25 years means we have developed a wide and varied  knowledge and experience  of the Health and safety requirements of many different disciplines.

 What you can expect:

Our aim is to assist your business to comply with all aspects of Health & Safety,

  • A 30 minute initial consultation to unable us to see where and how much help is needed and so we can  get a feel for your business.

  • A proposal is sent through to you  with a quote ( usually a fixed price for the initial 1 to 5 days work  then a  cost of £25 per hour after this)

  • Once the quote is accepted.

  • We will review all your documentation and recommend  training

  • Supply training at additional cost  (usually first aid and fire training, with other training available if your staff require )

  • Carry out a fire risk assessment on your premises (additional cost )

  • Initialize policies and procedures, review, alter and sign all risk assessments.

  • 3 Monthly review ( in first year) 6 monthly in Year 2

  • Annual review , Fire risk assessment  review , audit and resign all risk assessment ( 1 to 2 days)

  • Then we step back and  are at the end of a telephone should you need us or we can continue to be involved.


How to Book

Booking Rx first aid training  to deliver a Health and Safety course , general or fire risk assessment or our consultant service couldn’t be easier, either give us a call  on 07790410623  and we can discuss your requirements or send an email to and we will contact you to arrange everything.

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